Education Transformation Agreement

During Generations Club 2014 JADE and Microsoft signed for the second time in a row an agreement of cooperation into fostering entrepreneurship in Europe and most importantly, supporting the evolution of education. The Educational Transformation Agreement secures JADE’s position as an intermediary between the academic and business world and makes Microsoft’s Partners in Learning initiative continue with great success.

Scroll down to read the Educational Transformation Agreement or get your own copy from HERE.

Partners in Learning is a global initiative and Microsoft’s commitment to helping each individual receive the education he or she deserves, by focusing on enabling educators and education leaders to best use technology to dramatically enhance learning.

Partners in Learning relies on several essential, proven components:

• Training for educators and educational leaders.
• Researching the best innovations. We have learned that when educators and schools engage in research on teaching and learning, it can be one of the most powerful methods of professional development.
• Building professional communities to ensure that every student has the benefit of a global network of empowered educators.
This Partners in Learning: Education Transformation Agreement provides a comprehensive joint public-private program for educational excellence. The key strategic aims are to
• Transform Learning
• Further Innovation
• Develop 21st Century Skills and Employability

This agreement encompasses mutually agreed-upon projects and solutions and includes tools to support overall educational success.

A key objective of the Partners in Learning, the Education Transformation Agreement is to establish firm commitments from all stakeholders to ensure that common goals are achieved. This forms the basis of an on-going partnership, based on regular review and measurement, which will keep the components of the educational programs functioning well and aligned for the long term.

Most importantly, the focus of this agreement is intended to ensure educational development and success both now and throughout our continuing relationship, long into the future.

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