The moderators

Moderator2Arnaldo Abruzzini has been the Secretary-General of Eurochambres since 1999. Especially active at regional dimension, he developed several tools and instrument to raise the understanding of the competition between territories in attracting inward investments. Apart from being a vital part of JADE’s advisory board and a senior lobbyist in Brussels, Mr. Abruzzini is also an active entrepreneur, having founded several companies. Prior to joining Eurochambres, he worked as Managing Director of several companies active in the strategic development, marketing, communication and business advices in Italy and the US.

Moderator3Kader Sevinç is an international relations practitioner and social entrepreneur. She is currently a member of the PES Presidency Council (Party of European socialists & democrats), the EU representative in Brussels of the CHP, Turkish social democratic and main opposition party, a non-resident fellow of the SAIS (Johns Hopkins University – Washington DC), founder and manager of the Brussels-based debate club, the Turkish Coffee Briefings, leader of the educational initiative, the Sinif-1B, and executive board member of the Progressive Thought Institute. In 2013 Kader Sevinç was recognized by the Diplomatic Courier magazine and the YPFP in Washington DC among the most influential young foreign policy leaders in the world.

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