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JADE Mission

JADE’s mission is to encourage entrepreneurship in Europe by fostering a unique concept: the Junior Enterprise, a student non-profit business that invests its profit into its own development. By integrating a network of more than 300 Junior Enterprises and supporting the growth of its members, JADE is one of the most powerful European organizations that fights skills mismatch and creates great potential for a more entrepreneurial society and active citizenship.

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organisation and can be a student consultancy, a marketing agency, a prototype incubator or many others. Before they graduate, students in Junior Enterprises work with real clients and get paid for products or services which they entirely develop and manage. The companies get great value, as the business model of Junior Enterprises enables them to offer quality at an accessible price. Their activity is always linked to a university, and often professors contribute as mentors. This creates a perfect environment to get the right experience and lifelong skills that make Junior Entrepreneurs adaptable and empowered to put their ideas into action.

The Junior Enterprise ConceptThe best of two worlds: business and education.


JADE is recognized as a best practice by the European Commission in a study called Effects and impact of entrepreneurship programs in higher education (DG ENTR, March 2012). According to the study, JADE Alumni have an annual turnover growth of the companies they created twice as high as normal students’, they have the highest average number of jobs created in Europe, but they are also the most employable. Also, a staggering 40% of them worked in another country for more than 2 years, which shows the power of the network to connect countries.

International network

The international network has more than 950 Junior Enterprises spread among Europe, the Americas, and Africa. The global community works for enlarging on all continents and creating a sense of a worldwide movement and recognition.

To learn more about JADE, visit our website: www.jadenet.org

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