The workshops

In 2014, 13 student NGOs had representatives present at 3 round table sessions with [insert guests] to debate the entrepreneurial skills status quo in Europe and define general actions. The session were preceded by a pre-event survey collecting the perspective on what skills should the next generation of entrepreneurial youth develop under guidance of academia and supervision of future employers.

The pre-event report was used to validate the main ideas with Steven Duggan, (Head of Worldwide Education Strategy, Microsoft), Karen Wilson (Senior Member of Bruegel Think Tank) and Simone Baldassarri (EU Commission DG Enterprise and Industry).

Afterwards, the round tables were divided in 3 sessions for 3 core topics:

What are the entrepreneurial skills that youth should develop?

Session 1 debated weather the skills resulted by surveing so many different organisations could form a block of must-haves, suitable to generalise as a „starter kit” for any young man or woman, aspiring entrepreneur. Each student NGO had the change to express their view and argue the practical applicaiton of the skills.

When should they develop them?

Session 2 was focused on the age factor, connected to the level of education. An important number of the present NGOs considered learning entrepreneurial skills at a young or very young age to be necessarry, though the majority still sees university level as the peerfect nurturing environment for these type of abilities. The argument of early learning is that the university time may be too short to develop a mindset;

How should they develop them?

The 3rd and last session revolved around the educational systems and opportunities. The debate around formal education falling behind was touched in this session as well as in the conference, so the NGO representatives were challenged to give own examples of best practices that their network provides as authentic leanring experience.

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