What is Generations Club?

Since the first edition of Generations Club in 2007, the event has aimed to build bridges between the senior and the junior generation in order to foster an entrepreneurial society. This has been achieved through knowledge exchange and dialogue on relevant challenges in education, student entrepreneurship and employability.

This invitation-only event brings senior representatives of the private and public sector together with young entrepreneurial students in order to elaborate high-quality upshots in terms of recommendations for policy makers, business leaders and young people in Europe.

In the past, Junior Entrepreneurs and seniors were able to discuss about interesting issues such as:  

  • The Generation gap & knowledge transfer
  • The Battle for knowledge
  • How is technology changing the workplace of today?
  • What do you believe will be the biggest change we will see in the workplace of 2025?

For the 2016 edition, in comparison, Generations Club aims to invite even more representatives as we truly believe that Together we grow. We will welcome seniors of the corporate and public sector, as well as representatives of some of the largest youth organizations in Europe in order to combine the view of a truly representative scope of Europe’s young people.

This year’s event follows furthermore a distinctive format in terms of round table and group discussions which combine the opinion of many highly motivated and exceptional participants, guaranteeing inspirational and fruitful discussions, innovative ideas and high-quality outcomes.



JADE believes that for today’s challenges, such as high level of youth unemployment and skill mismatch, we need to create a sustainable solution that can help transform Europe into an entrepreneurial society .

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